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吴亦凡quotes; 晚安,回家路上注意安全; good night, be careful on your way home

Why are we starting to take sides. I mean we are one, right?


レイニー by たえ

A wild Zelo appears ! 
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New FCC rules could let internet providers (think: Comcast) end net neutrality and slow down sites like Netflix and Tumblr. The vote on proposed rules is today!

Use Tumblr to take a stand. Share this image, and add this code to your Tumblr theme.

If kris leaves exo it will never be the same, I don’t want to imagine it :(.. **and if anyone leaves**


but Kris… :(

And then theres amber…

Oh, jes. 

kpop problems

"Is that a girl?"…"Are you blind?"