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IF YOU GET OFFENDED OF PEOPLES OPINIONS DON’T READ JUST KIDDING READ ANYWAY F*** KEMY.( Okay, i’m not an a** so you don’t have to read if you don’t want to) ** ENTERING SERIOUS MODE** I can’t even express how horrible I feel. This “Drug” scandal is really stupid couldn’t they just let it go? Not even that but did Kemy really have to do that? I didn’t even know about her til like thirty minutes ago. If it was an imposter then how come she had the nerve to message out to Bom’s stylist? and if that was the “imposter” as well why couldn’t she publicly apologize for all of the chaos? If it was her and I KNOW IT WAS :I’m younger than you it seems I know more, what is that? I mean clearly we can all see you wanted to gain “fame” by doing that but I don’t think this is the right way to go. Did Bom do anything to you? No? So why target her honestly, We all watched roomate, yes? Will she return? Who knows because you started all of this sh**. I may be younger than you but i’m pretty sure i’m free to curse at you as I please, why? because you did the same to Park Bom’s stylist so how does it feel to be embarrassed? Can you imagine how Bom feels? Well why would a person like you even care. I know I sound harsh but Kemmy if you’re not going to fix yourself then you should atleast hear what you give out. I’m not the one to even like disses but the ones made about you are getting better Did you want to see how black jacks would react to your f***up? Maybe i’m being a little black jack biased but I mean we all know what you did was wrong. You aren’t even going to cover it up are you? DOO REPUBLIC rather Sh** Republic needs to freaking tame this idiot because clearly they are letting her run wild, By the way rather than “Halting” A.KOR Just get rid of Kemy lord knows nobody is going to want to listen to that trash.- For Kemy

As for Park Bom : Hang on, You’re probably so upset right now Bommy. You probably don’t like seeing this side of your fans either… I apologize to Bom but sometimes people should hear what they need to hearrrrrrrr. Bommy don’t be sad your fans, family, and friends won’t believe in this “drug” scandal, Wtf? why couldn’t it be a love scandal? like Dong Wook + Bom But nooOooOOooOOo It had to be this piece of poo. Just know black jacks will always support the right side and try not to be biased, and we clearly chose to support the right side this time Bommy. You didn’t do anything bad, we know so don’t be down. WE LOVE YOUUUU BOMMMYYYYY FIGHTTINGG OUR ANGELLLLDOLLYBUTTERCUPPPBEAUTYYYYY <3333333. - For Bom

BLACKJACKS, Let’s all support the right person okayyyy?! and let our minds be hearrrdddd and or seen whether it be a video, recording, or post. Let’s finish up the mess ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Why are we starting to take sides. I mean we are one, right?


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A wild Zelo appears ! 
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New FCC rules could let internet providers (think: Comcast) end net neutrality and slow down sites like Netflix and Tumblr. The vote on proposed rules is today!

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If kris leaves exo it will never be the same, I don’t want to imagine it :(.. **and if anyone leaves**


but Kris… :(

And then theres amber…

Oh, jes. 

kpop problems

"Is that a girl?"…"Are you blind?"